I was born in Budapest, on 28th of august, 1984. I began my studies at architecture at SZIE Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering in 2003. After a year I got admitted to Budapest University of Technology and Economics and I restarted my studies there in 2004 where I managed to graduate in february, 2010.

During my last semester, in september 2009 I started to work for Puhl & Dajka Architects and since that time I have been getting much useful experience through various design project under supervision of the two leading architects, Antal Puhl DLA and Péter Dajka.

I did a few jobs besides studying. I got experience in measuring - historical and contemporary bulindings included. I also worked in a construction as a foreman assistant for a month. Several times I worked at my brother, Tamás Berecz’s office. I have played football since I was 10. When I was young, I took it seriously, now I take it easier, but I will never give it up. I have tried to learn to play the guitar by myself, but until now, unfortunately I could not succeed. Besides these, I like taking photos, making films, watching urban life and human connections - and also doing it.

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